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Great news! We have a bunch of candles that are ready to find new homes! To help these candles find a new home we are offering a 10% discount on our extra stock! Help us Clear out the wear house in preparation for an exciting year! 

16 oz candles will burn for approximately 100 hours.

8 oz candles will burn for approximately 50 hours. 

4 oz Tin candles will burn for approximately 25 hours. 

Wax tarts come in packages of 6 cubes burning approximately 60 hours per package.

Quantities available vary based on fragrance and size.  

Fragrances available:

Apple Cider
Harvest season always kicks off in a classic sort of way with our bright, bold Apple Cider. Its sweet and hearty aroma will get you in the mood for fall any time of year.

Caramel Tobacco
Quickly becoming a top-seller with notes of warm, caramelized sugar are blended with sweet, earthy tobacco for a comforting, delicious scent perfect for a cozy den or to warm up your favorite room any time of year. Our 2018 staff favorite hands down!

Christmas Cabin
Our personal favorite! Sweet, lush cedar and pine surround you like a trip to the Cabin on Christmas Day where Pop's already got the fire going. You know the place...where winter makes times time stand still and you never tire of watching the fire through the snowflakes. Don't forget your skis!  

Flannel                                                                                                                               An excellent fragrance that is both cozy and an outstanding unisex scent. Flannel is a warm blend of bergamot, mahogany, and a delicate veil of musk.

Hazelnut Latte
Few things measure up to a favorite cup-o-joe in the morning, but we’re really liking where this is headed! Give us this hearty espresso roast paired with sweet hazelnut any day of the week. A side note: our Hazelnut Latte and French Press candles are preferred and often requested by the men in our lives!

Holiday Home
It’s that classic homey holiday scent – a combination of pine scent from the Christmas tree, the earthy tones from the fireplace, and the orange-spice scent wafting in from the kitchen. 

The sweetest blue lavender buds softly say hello with just a hint of chamomile in this long-standing classic. Just like our Nanny, it’s classy and well-dressed, ready for anything at a moment's notice. It’s often selected for its broad range of gifting attributes, too! Be it a birthday, housewarming, thank you, or teacher appreciation this little darling always delivers a solid performance.

Milk & Honey
Sweet, creamy vanilla and delicious honey come together for a warm, inviting treat! A long-standing classic in the home fragrance world and one of our best sellers for those who prefer a baby soft scent.

Pumpkin Spice                                                                                                                   A warm sweet twist on a classic fall fragrance, with just the right amount of spice that will remind you of autumn, pumpkin carving, and bonfires. Toasty top notes of cinnamon, nutmeg, and clove with accents of silky buttercream and pumpkin. A base of smoked embers and vanilla.

Pumpkin Chai                                                                                                                 Our fall favorites are back! Pumpkin Chai is the perfect blend of pumpkin and warm spices that make sweaters and tall boots the obvious choice for the season. There's a reason why it's a top seller each year!

A strong, delicious, rich tribute to the beautiful outdoors. Here in the Pacific Northwest we’re known for a hearty landscape rich in gorgeous timberland. This features slight citrus notes paired with native Doug fir, balsam, and cedar. It’s finished beautifully with warm amber and is quickly becoming a best-seller here! This fragrance is infused with natural fir balsam essential oil.

Vanilla Pear
A scrumptious blend of fresh Bartlett Pear and warm, creamy vanilla. Soft, understated, sweet, and perfectly gift-worthy!

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