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Mini Diffuser

Mini Diffuser

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Fill your home, car, or office with our refreshing scents without a flame. These mini diffusers are perfect for offices, bathrooms, dorm rooms, and vehicles. These diffusers are a great alternative to our candles, available in many of the same scents. Hanging diffusers are designed to be used as an air freshener for your car.


Diffusers generally last 30-40 ways after each refill. 


Available as a desk diffuser or a hanging diffuser.


Also available in kits that come with 2 refills!


Each kit will include the following:

1 mini diffuser (hanging or mini reed diffuser)
Instruction card

Diffusers are available in the following scents: 

Apple Cider
Caramel Tobacco
Milk & Honey
Vanilla Chestnut
Vanilla Pear


Step-by-step instructions:

  • Remove Wood lid
  • Carefully remove the plastic cap
  • Replace wooden lid
  • Hang in desired location (add diffuser sticks to desk diffuser)
  • Enjoy!!!!


More scents to come!